HW as on 18.11.16

English HW
Read the small paragraph carefully and answer the given questions in the Notebook 2.
A music concert has many instruments which are played by many musicians. “Musicians” is the word you use for people who play music with instruments. If you play the piano, you are called a “pianist”. A drummer plays the drums. Many different songs are played at a music concert.

Sometimes a song is “replayed”. “Replayed” means you play the song again, or sometimes someone can ask the musicians to play a song they would like to hear again. Music concerts are held all the time at many places. There are many musicians who play in the concerts. You can go to the concerts to hear the music, to see the musicians who play, and to learn more about all of instruments that are in the music concert.

Q1. Who are Musicians?
Q2. A pianist is a person who plays a __________.
Q3. Find out the correct spelling of the given words from the passage
drumar, concart, instrumants, musiciens


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