HW AS ON 2.12.16

English HW

Complete the sentences using the verbs from above.

[raced   house  look   opened  sent   grew  plants   carried  coat  painted  blew  started  sat  lamp  turned]

  1. My mom _____________ the room yellow.
  2. They ____________ tired after all their hard work.
  3. My sister and I _____________some carrots.
  4. Patty ______________ me a package.
  5. We ______________ the door for our guests.
  6. Bob _______________ out the candles on his cake.
  7. I _____________ my brother to get the best seat.
  8. Dad _______________ right at the corner.
  9. Susie _______________ on the park bench.
  10. I _____________ the books into the library

[Time: 15 min                MI: Verbal                          RBT: Application]



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