Dear Parents / Authorised Guardians

  • The Parent Teacher Meet (PTM) for Term C is scheduled on Saturday, 07 January 2017. Term C Report Cards for Classes Pre- Nursery to Class V will be uploaded to the DPS Tapi App before/on the PTM date.
  • Only parents are allowed to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting to discuss the academic performance of your ward. Please do not send tuition teacher / relative / any other person. Your scheduled time for attending the PTM is:


Roll Nos. Time Venue
1 – 20 01:00-02:00 pm Subject teachers will be seated as per PTM slip given to you at entry
21 – 40 02:00- 03:00 pm


  • School will remain open for students of Classes III–X on 07.01.17. Teachers will not be available during class timings, or after 03.00 pm on PTM day.
  • No student is allowed to stay back unless the teacher gives a diary note to meet parents and student together.
  • Parents with wards at different timings should preferably attend at the later timing.
  • Any younger siblings who accompany parents to the PTM should remain with parents at all times.
  • Please be punctual and wait in queue for your turn. Do not keep other parents waiting for too long. You are expected to sort out individual problems immediately as they arise, over phone. In case your problem requires more discussion, you can meet the teacher by prior appointment on a later date.
  • Please present your parent RFID-card at the gate for identification, in compliance with security regulations for your ward’s safety at school, and to prevent entry of unauthorised persons on the school campus.


Class Teacher



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