Karate Dress

Dear Leaners

This is a very important announcement for the children who are in Martial art  (Karate) on Sports Day.

Children who are participating in karate must be having karate dress on that day. If you don’t have Karate uniform you can purchase or take on rent from school.

Rent charges are 250/- and Purchase charges are 800/-

If you wish to purchase or borrow from outside that option is also open for you.

If you wish to take(rent or purchase)  from school kindly send money in a sealed envelope and labelled with name, admission no. and amount on it.

Names of the students are:

Ahmed , Akshara, Akshat, Ankit, Burhanuddin, Deep, Devanshi, Dhruvansh, Divya, Fatima, Hetav, Hiya, Khushvi, Lakshya, Meghna, Moh. Noor, Pratham, Rishit, Suhaan and Ansh



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